Marketing Research

research process

We’ll provide the information and analysis needed for your research objectives.

Competitive Intelligence

Gain ongoing knowledge of your competitor’s capabilities and communications as well as their anticipated activities and their customers.

Segmentation, Target Market & Sizing

Better understand your target markets’ demographics, attitudes and behavioral traits to effectively focus your strategy and communications campaigns.

Feature & Benefit Prioritization

Learn which new key features and benefits will improve customer adoption, satisfaction and market success.

User Experience & Satisfaction

Uncover habits and preferences of your consumers to provide a better overall experience, customer loyalty, and guide your strategic roadmap.

Branding Insights & Message Efficacy

Know how your company’s brand image and campaign messaging is received, understood and resonates with your target markets.

Beta Testing & Market Acceptance

Get detailed feedback from prospective users and the target markets on your product’s design and capabilities before launch to improve success and prevent costly errors.

Service Architecture

Understand what customers delight in and potential inefficiencies in your physical and digital service interactions.

Custom Research Design

We’ll help scope your custom market research with proper problem definition, research design and reporting.

Our data collection and information gathering include a full array of research methodologies.

Surveys are a cost effective way to gather information from a large population. The simplicity of using multiple choice, yes/no, and scaled questions enables a valid and reliable amount of information. Marketing Excellence can create, pretest and administer the surveys via online, email, telephone, in-person, or mail.

Interviews involve asking open-ended questions in a one-on-one setting. The goal is to gather qualitative information from a smaller number of people usually industry experts, opinion leaders and corporate decision makers. Marketing Excellence can script the interview questions, recruit interviewees and conduct the interviews with our professional researchers and interviewers to ensure reliable information is collected. We can provide recordings of the interviews and a report of our findings.

Focus Group sessions enable a small group of people to participate in an open discussion. It allows you to be part of the information gathering process in real time. You’ll be able to add impromptu questions and witness respondents’ experience and reactions to your product or service scenarios. Marketing Excellence will script the questions, recruit pre-qualified respondents, guide the discussion, provide recordings of the sessions and report on our findings. 

Observational research examines how participants behave in their setting. Whether it’s managing your product’s beta test program, acting as a secret shopper, or just watching your customer in action, Marketing Excellence can unobtrusively monitor the service encounter as well as capture the user’s experience. 

Building Your Knowledge With Our Information

Our research processes will provide you with the information needed to enhance your business decisions. 

Marketing Excellence can design and execute your entire research study from objective setting, instrument creation, data collection, analysis and final report generation.

Using our insightful analysis tools and methods, we provide you with the ideas and inspiration to develop strategy, improve your product or service, and seize new opportunities.

You’ll gain knowledge about your customers, your competitors, and even your own organization to help you:

  • identify the core problem needing resolution,
  • validate the opportunity,
  • and improve your strategy.