Why Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is a must have for any advertising campaign. 

Email automation technology gives marketers the ability to target who receives their email, know who opened and who acted on the email.

You’ll be able to send up-to-date product information and personalized offers directly to your prospects and customers to generate sales growth.

It is 3x more effective at stimulating sales than a well coordinated, influencer-supported, social media campaign.

We’ll elevate your current email marketing with…

  • email capturing strategies

  • marketing automation & CRM integration

  • email content that resonates with your audience

  • content testing for comprehension, attractiveness and efficacy

  • increased open, click-through, and conversion rates

Complete Email Campaign Services 


Our services will help you build, deploy, and manage your email campaigns. 

Email Strategy Planning
Technology Optimization
Email Campaign Management
Content Creation
Sales Growth

Marketing Excellence will help grow your sales, increase brand awareness or achieve whatever business goal you have. We start with an audit of your current program and processes. To facilitate the management and execution of the email campaign, we’ll optimize the use of your marketing automation platform or implement one for you. We craft and test emails for effectiveness and engagement. We’ll track progress and adjust the schedule, content and the email capturing strategies throughout to maximize your ROI.  

Email Marketing Best Practices

Emails should only contain relevant information and give the reader a sense that they are receiving special treatment such as exclusive offers or early notice of a product or service launch. Use pictures, embedded videos, and colors for visual appeal. 

Manage the emailing schedule so readers don’t see your messages too much and thus perceive your emails as annoying spam.

Lastly, include a call to action such as a limited time discount, link to your new product/service page, or a free trial.